Hello Bangkok, it’s been a while

24 years to be exact since I last set a foot in this beautiful country, my second home. Back in January 1987 with the age of two and a half, I moved to my new home in Switzerland with my wonderful parents, sister and brother who both also got adopted from India. I grew up as a happy child, with the sorrows of course, which I guess, everbody has as well. For me, it was never the question of being an outsider, I always felt I fit in, to a point, where I thought I’m more swiss than thai. Altough on the other hand, a always felt a little proud to be part of this “exotic patch-work-family”.

As I grew older, a lot of people I met were asking me, how is it to be adopted and if i wish do go back to Thailand some day. It was always on my mind to visit the country where I was born in and of course, the ffac house. And as for the other question, I never felt I was adopted unless people where asking me about. For me it felt always natural, thanks to my family, friends and people around me, who treated me as anybody else as well. But it’s a very personal matter, some people I know who got adopted, where eager to get to know their motherland as soon as they could. As for me, I first wanted to travel to other places in this world. To be honest, deep in my heart, I might wasn’t ready for it – until now.

After my degree in graphic design and a couple of years experience in my profession, I needed a break from it all and decided to go travel the world with the final stop in Thailand. Along the way throughout south east asia people asked me “you lao, you filippina, you thai? First I tried to explain, but I got more puzzled looks than understanding. I gotta admit, i feel more of a stranger here then back in Switzerland. As I wrote before, I might look thai, but definitely don’t act like one. First, it’s the language of course, then the body language, the way I dress and so on.. but still, it’s a wonderful and quite emotional experience to be back.

First of all, Mrs. Saovanee and all the staff from the ffac took well care of me and welcomed me with open arms to the ffac house, where I stayed a few days. I couldn’t believe they still had a photoalbum of me when I was a baby and kept a record of my well being in Switzerland. Some of the staff even recognized me after all those year! I couldn’t stop smiling- overwhelming and very touching! Mrs. Saovanee even spend some of her precious time with me and showed me around Bangkok. I hardly know any other woman in her age, who’s still that busy and active like her. She puts her heart in the work for the children since 32 years, a very long time and I really admire her for keeping the work up! As I wandered the streets today on my own, I couldn’t stop wondering what would have happened to me, if I weren’t that lucky to first get to the wonderful ffac house and after that, Switzerland.

Well, I’ll never be able to find answers to those thoughts, but at the end, It was probably my destiny and I’m blessed and really happy with where I’m now. It was very moving to see the ffac kids of today, who all got a place somewhere in this world already – thanks to the ffac. In every child a saw a little bit of me and they don’t know it yet and might not remember at all, but they were really lucky to be at the ffac house.

I will always be thankful for the things the ffac foundation did for me and give out all my respect to those who work here, care for the children and give them hope and future!

Please consider a donation and help ffac to continue their fantastic work.

Meo Kawta Riccarda Giger
February 2011