FFAC buys and distributes 11 bicycles for children at Kanjanaburi provinces

FFAC made collection pool of local donors had managed to raise funds to buy and distribute 11 bicycles for children in three villages at Kanjanaburi provinces.

On the 5th of February we set out to Erawan National Parks which is the region of Kanchanaburi.

We set out on a 4-hour drive from Bangkok to Kanchanburi. Stayed at the Erawan National Parks ,to experience nature and her splendid waterfalls.

FFAC got the bikes of good quality. Moderation, Genrosity, Will and Effort, Loving Kindness.

Each bike is bought at an estimated cost of THAI BHAT 2,000.00, and these are distributed to children in the villages. The bicycles help the kids not just for their commute to school from their village, as the walk can sometimes be pretty long.

On the 6th February we set out for Sri Sawad District about a 2 hour drive from Erawan national Parks. We reached Mae Krabung village. It was a special day as it to mark the 25th year of the St Francis of Asissi Parish in Thailand. We were there coincidentally that we also made distribution of 4 bicycles.

On the 7th February, we diustributed three bicycles and stationery and some canned food for the children in Lin-thin Villages, Thongpaphoom district.It was around this area that we also met Father Sakol who is a close friend and partner in helping the needy. Will to do Good and Actually doing good.

After that we reach to Ban Bontee, Saiyok district. We distributed four bicycles and toys and many things to a day care center, even though it was Sunday but the children ran from home to the day care center to see us.