FFAC moved in July 2007

FFAC nursery care moved from Ruam Rudee 1 to Ronnachai 2, on July 2007. We are sorry to lose the convenience of Ruam Rudee, but once you learn the way to the new place is not at all hard to find. Also you can always call the office for directions.

In mid August 2007 there was heavy rain and wind that damaged our old house and ruined our old children room there. We felt like this was a sign from God for FFAC to move.

The new house can accommodate all our children and staff. Downstairs is the room for the children, and closet to hold their clothing and supplies. There is a nice patio with fans for the volunteers and children to play together. We have a modern kitchen and two bathrooms for the employees and volunteers. Upstairs there are accommodations for FFAC offices and more storage space.